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Columbus Health

Wellness Center:

Our first task, as your Columbus health experts, is to treat your pain and efficiently speed you along the road to recovery. When that has been achieved, our Columbus health professionals will then begin working on our longer-term goal, that of empowering you through our comprehensive chiropractic education. We take pride in providing the necessary tools to allow everyone in the region the opportunity to seek good Columbus chiropractic health. If we have done our job correctly, you will leave our offices with the tools you need to gain even more knowledge, independence, and ability to maintain health, happiness, on wellness in Columbus.

There’s a reason that the saying, “Knowledge is power” is a cliché; as your resident experts on Columbus health, and on wellness in Columbus in general, the information we distribute — in addition to our individualized approach treating your ailment — will make you feel mighty powerful. At HealthFirst Chiropractic, our long-term priority is, of course, to contribute to the overall wellness in Columbus. That said, we respect and understand the part that conventional practitioners may play in your healthcare. We concentrate our efforts on balancing therapy with therapist, always striving toward our essential goals — the health of our patients, and wellness in Columbus. So, then, what is “wellness”? Is “wellness in Columbus” so different from that of other regions? How do you gage your own standard of being “well,” with so many options to choose from?

The proven benefits and drawbacks of wellness care versus standard medical practice differ. Basically, the two modalities differ in that standard medical procedures rely on medicine and surgery — tools external to the body — while wellness in Columbus guides the body to do what it does naturally — to heal itself. While each approach has their rightful place within the medical arena, your Columbus health experts understand that when the body is working properly, it tends to heal itself effectively, anyway. We may seem overly ambitious here at HealthFirst Chiropractic, with our lofty goals and our state-wide wellness program, but we cannot rest until we are certain that we have made our best efforts to bring good Columbus health to town!

Wellness in Columbus

Chiropractic Care

Low-back pain is one of the most prevalent health problems plaguing Americans on a daily basis. Our top-notch, talented team of Columbus chiropractic care specialists is prepared to provide you with the expertise you need. Although a number of Columbus chiropractic care treatments are available, applying or ingesting a pain reliever is unfortunately the most common approach. The pain is masked, and one can ignore the problem. All appears to be well again.
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Chiropractic Care
Health Healing System

The foundation of health starts with our unique and comprehensive Columbus Health Healing System. The cornerstone of this system is built upon the simplicity of truth: the human body — biologically, pathologically, anatomically, and physiologically — is profoundly self-healing. And from this was birthed our exclusive Columbus Health Healing System: Relief-Restore-Revitalize-Praktikos. You see, as your go-to Columbus chiropractor, we wanted to go beyond the traditional medical care cycle of diagnosis, treatment, and release.
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Massage Therapy
Lifestyle and Advice

News flash: The American Chiropractic Council on Nutrition (ACA Council on Nutrition), as well as your Columbus lifestyle and advice counselors at HealthFirst Chiropractic, promote the use of closely monitored nutritional counseling within the ever-expanding field of chiropractics. This should not be surprising. The education you’ll receive at from your Columbus chiropractor at HealthFirst will have an impact on you, so it is important to first understand the basic premise of "chiropractic care."
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Nutrition and Advice
Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has been recognized as a powerful method of healing throughout the centuries, across many different cultures. In the United States, massage therapy is considered a form of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). The benefits of massage therapy often transcend the limits of conventional medicine.
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Nutrition for Evolved Wellness

Columbus Nutrition for Evolved Wellness (N.E.W) is a comprehensive nutrition program that will help you get back on the road to physical health and well being. We have a new recipe for wellness. Our Columbus Nutrition for Evolved Wellness program consists of a 58-point computerized BioMeridan scan, a comprehensive symptom survey form, and an in-depth physical and nutritional exam.
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Skin Care
Rehabilitative Exercises

The efficacy, and practice, of Columbus rehabilitative exercises is booming. Both chiropractors and their patients enjoy the results of rehabilitative exercises in Columbus and how they impact a generalized chiropractic experience. You may be wondering: What are the rehabilitative exercises in Columbus used at HealthFirst Chiropractic? How can they help improve your health?
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Skin Care
Spinal Screenings

How does your back feel today? The same with your neck? Columbus spinal screenings are administered by our expert HealthFirst chiropractors, without intrusion or pain. It is designed to evaluate all 96 joints of the spine and test your range of motion for adjacent body parts (spine, shoulders, and neck). Choose healing over hurting.
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Thank you for visiting the Wellness Center, your number-one resource for information regarding good health and general well-being. Check back often, review our tips, and fine tune your process of achieving maximum health!

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