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Columbus Therapy - Let our team of experts treat your pain with specialized care.

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Columbus Therapy


Hello! You have reached the Columbus Chiropractic Techniques page, where we are pleased to offer you a distinctive outline of each of HealthFirst Chiropractic's specific treatments. It is important to note that every Doctor of Chiropractic has his or her own unique area of interest and training. Recognizing this, Dr. Dennis Schone has taken the time to detail each of his particular treatments here, on HealthFirst Chiropractic’s Techniques page.

As you begin your search for Columbus therapy, bear in mind that chiropractic treatment in Columbus, through HealthFirst Chiropractic, offers you a breadth of options. Our Techniques page will provide you with useful knowledge about the broad range of services we offer in our Columbus therapy, especially the techniques designed to supplement the more traditional chiropractic treatment in Columbus. Quality chiropractic care covers spinal adjustments, but it also covers more subtle forms of adjustment. These "adjustments" usually include the incorporation of healthy lifestyle practices — practices we dub "Nutrition Columbus."

Columbus therapy helps you make simple changes that not only improve your health right away, but also in the long run. We promote lasting good health. Dr. Dennis Schone seeks to bridge the gap between hands-on adjustments in Columbus therapy and the more subtle lifestyle changes (those suggested through Nutrition Columbus), which we consider equally critical to your recovery. Our Wellness Partners are then provided with the knowledge and skills to proactively use chiropractic treatment in Columbus, and to take their own lifestyle goals into their own hands. This way, each of our Wellness Partners can work toward his or her own goals for healing while under the proper supervision of our top-notch team of chiropractors.

Since we value the long-term promotion of chiropractic services, we have listed, in detail, each of the many services and treatments in which our office specializes. It is this attention to detail that endows our chiropractic treatment in Columbus with excellent standards. For this, we bring you our reliable and comprehensive Columbus therapy Techniques page.

As always, we are happy to provide you with more information about chiropractic treatment in Columbus, should you have any additional questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us! Our Columbus therapy associates would love to hear from you. We value our Wellness Partners and appreciate feedback that might enable us to better meet you chiropractic needs. So, why wait? Call your Columbus therapy providers today! We look forward to serving you to the best of our ability.



Spinal adjusting in Columbus is both safe and efficacious. As muscles and ligaments are stretched, blood circulation is likewise increased, and nerve fibers fire more rapidly. However, Columbus adjusting involves more complicated procedures, as well. To understand this, we need to return to the basics of the spinal joint and its neuroanatomy (the anatomy of the nerves and the nervous system). Through Columbus adjusting, mechanoreceptors are stimulated in response to mechanical pressure, muscle spindles are stretched.
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Auto Accident Care

In the U.S. alone, accidents are responsible for tens of thousands of injuries each year. A striking mount of these mishaps are due to automobiles, your Columbus auto accident care experts at HealthFirst Chiropractic can attest. Regardless, accidents can and do happen anywhere and everywhere, including seemingly benign locations like your home and work place. Luckily, with the help of sound Columbus chiropractic advice, many of these accidents are preventable.
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Electric Muscle Stimulation

Electric muscle stimulation in Columbus, the technique commonly referred to as “EMS,” involves the elicitation of muscle contraction through use of electric impulses. Columbus electric muscle stimulation is generated by a device which is connected to electrodes; these are placed directly onto the skin in direct proximity to the muscles being treated. The impulses administered through Columbus electric muscle stimulation mimic the action potential of the central nervous system; this causes the muscles to contract.
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On-Site X-ray

Columbus on-site X-ray tests use X-ray beams that are a form of electromagnetic radiation. The machines at HealthFirst Chiropractic function by sending beams of a particle called photons through the body. As the photons pass through the body, an image is recorded by a computer or onto special film. Just as when taking a regular picture, Wellness Partners must stay still when having an on-site X-ray in Columbus; otherwise, the image will blur.
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Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression in Columbus can help treat anyone who has experienced neck, back, arm, or leg pain caused by a degenerate or damaged disc. Some symptoms that occur are spinal stenosis, sciatica, facet syndrome, or spondylosis. Columbus spinal decompression at HealthFirst Chiropractic is non-surgical and non-invasive. It is a traction-based treatment for herniated or bulging discs in the neck and low back. It can also help to treat failed spinal surgery.
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Sports Injury Care

The variety of sports injury care in Columbus is expansive in number and type, and a sports injury may happen to anyone. Along with the high caliber of our athletic training programs comes a greater need to tend to the sports injuries that our athletes often incur. But you do not have to be an athlete to need sports injury care in Columbus. If you have unfortunately fallen victim to a sports injury, don't give up.
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So dive in; browse through each service to determine which particular treatment — or treatments — might behoove personal health and complement your current lifestyle. Our best interest is your best interest, so take the time to discover your options for treatment today!

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